Fertilizer & Lawn Treatments

Four Seasons Yard Care uses a proven spray-application fertilizer program—plus lawn aeration and grub control treatments—to boost the health, appearance, and resilience of the turf on sports fields, residential lawns, commercial properties, and parks. Our fertilizer program is available to customers in Pella, Knoxville, Otley, Oskaloosa, and surrounding areas.

We use a cycle-based approach and time our applications based on the weather and temperature, rather than sticking to a strict calendar date. This strategy maximizes the impact of your investment in lawn fertilizer and gets superior results.

Commercial fertilizer program details

Four Seasons Yard Care has GPS-controlled application equipment that makes large-scale commercial application go smoothly. Programmed paths mean there is far less chance of gaps and overlaps. Without GPS, fertilizer applicators could resort to as much as 25% overspray of product. That’s a wasted investment, not to mention poor environmental stewardship.

Our GPS-controlled equipment saves you money and results in even, green, and appealing landscapes around your business. Your specific data—dates of application, application rates, etc.—are stored to ensure consistent, well-planned treatment each time. We can carry up to 2,000 lbs. of fertilizer on board our equipment.

Commercial customers often opt for two fertilizer applications per season.

Residential fertilizer program details

Four Seasons Yard Care residential customers benefits from our motorized fertilizer application sprayers, which we believe are more effective and efficient than hose applicators. We follow EPA guidelines for retreatment of problem areas.

Our residential fertilizer program often includes up to four applications per year.

We would be happy to meet  in person or have a conversation over the phone to address any questions or concerns you may have about your lawn. 

We have a NEW set of lawn care programs to fit any level of need!

Platinum Lawn: Give your lawn extra TLC and some room to breathe.  

 Our Platinum Lawn Program includes one application of crabgrass control with a platinum 90% slow-release fertilizer. This application also contains a micronutrient package and 2% iron that will last all year. We also complete a spraying of dandelions, clover, etc., in the spring. This is followed by a fall application of herbicide for dandelions, clover, etc. We wrap up the Platinum Program with a very important aeration to boost plant health for the next season.

Premium Lawn: Best value! A bundled package for a hassle-free, lush, green lawn.

This Premium Lawn Program includes one application of crabgrass control with fertilizer for a jumpstart in the early spring. We follow this with an application of a premium 50% slow-release fertilizer, which also contains a micronutrient package and 2% iron. This delivers a steady, green lawn for 4 to 6 weeks. Dandelions, clover, etc., are sprayed in the spring as well. In early fall, there is an application of 50% slow-release fertilizer and a spraying for dandelions, clover, etc.

Enhanced Lawn: Give your yard an extra boost while eliminating unwanted weeds. 

Our Enhanced Lawn Program includes one application of a basic fertilizer in the spring. We follow up with one spraying of dandelions in the fall.

Basic Lawn: Keep out the pesky dandelions.

Our Basic Lawn Program includes one application of a basic fertilizer and one spraying of dandelions.